Hey, I Know You.

So Earl and I are back from camp and getting ready for our week. Since we are camping two weeks in a row, we secured the same site and was able to leave the camper for the week. It made the journey home much easier. Next week, not so much.

We stopped in Binghamton at Applebee’s for some lunch. We were seated, noted that the busboy was very attractive (and surprisingly, in a wheelchair, you don’t see many busboys in Applebee’s in a wheelchair) and gazed over the menu. Ten minutes later, we walked out as no one bothered to help us. We had no server stop by, there was nothing for the attractive busboy to clean up and we were parched, so we just walked out.

We drove up Front Street one block to Quizno’s. The place was relatively quiet, I noted a gay couple with a young daughter and another man and woman sitting near the door. I ordered and looked around. It was then that I realised that one of the guys with the daughter looked familiar.

I went to college with him over 20 years ago. He had a very musical name (and it’s wicked easy to remember), was a fantastic trombone player and was coaxed out of the closet at the end of our second semester together by yours truly. We never did anything though. He just needed guidance.

We shook hands, couldn’t believe we were seeing each other and made a little small talk. We’ll probably see each other again when we’re 60.

The meal at Quizno’s was prompt and delicious, by the way.