We walked a mall again today. Unlike yesterday’s experience at the Cherry Hill Mall, this mall was a little depressing. Two missing anchor stores, closed up shops everywhere, and the JCPenney was downright depressing. There were blocked off areas where merchandise used to be and a less than enthralling selection of merchandise.

As a Gen-Xer that grew up during the “mall era”, I’m used to shopping malls that thrive with lots of stores, plenty of places to eat, and a variety of merchandise to be found in solid anchor stores at the end of each wing. ‘Tis not the way of the 21st century, where folks now focus on their phones, buying things online, their phones, and socializing via their phones.

While malls were the “fake community” of those earlier times, at least people still had to be frequently present. It’s important for humans to exchange energy in person, not just scream at each other through their little devices. Have conversations, not exchanges of 280 characters. Find the meaning.

And can someone please guide me to middle aged men’s fashions in a mall? Thank you.