Earl and I are officially registered at the Luxor through Saturday. Originally scheduled to stay at the tower, we decided to upgrade the room to the West Tower where there was a king sized bed available. We are not into doing the Lucy and Ricky thing with twin beds.

The flight out here was acceptable. We bumped over Chicago otherwise it was a smooth flight. Being the smallest of the row I was assigned the center seat of three. Earl was to my right against the window and a man sat in the seat along the aisle. He spread his arms and feet as wide as possible in an effort to claim his space. He didn’t really need to do that as his Burger King meal, and resulting gas stench, were fine in marking his own real estate.

The movie on the flight was “August Rush”. I had never heard of this movie prior to the flight and I opted to pay the $1.00 for headphones that I get to keep forever and ever amen. The movie was great and I would like to own the DVD or rent it on iTunes.

I’ve already gambled my $10 for the day. I put $10 into the slot and three spins later I walked away with $70. It’s a good way to start the vacation.

Earl is on his way to the first of several poker tournaments. I plan to do some shopping as I’m on the hunt for a fierce pair of sunglasses. Boy watching is always an option as well. I will be armed with me camera in case of something woofy.