People Are Still Having Sex.

Here we go with another sex scandal in the media. The “journalists” are jumping with glee as it was revealed today that New York Governor Spitzer talked with a prostitute on a wire-tapped phone.

Oh, by the way, five U.S. soldiers died in Baghdad today. But that’s not so important as to the whereabouts of Governor Spitzer’s dick. God bless the soldiers; their sacrifice was so important they were reduced to page two of the newspaper or the ticker along the bottom of the 24 hour propaganda channel. The media outlets make me feel so informed on the important stuff.

Of course there’s all sorts of politicians calling for the resignation of the governor. Please. I don’t know what having sex with an extracurricular person has to do with running a state. I don’t see the relation between the two, but then again, I’m most likely looking at a different big picture than most.

Sex is not bad. Sex is not dirty. Sex is a natural act. Get over it already.