Bachelor In Public.

Earl is out of town on business and I got bored around the house, so I opted to head to the local internet café, the dreaded Panera. It’s not that I don’t like Panera in general (I clarified their internet policy after the incident where anything “gay” was blocked), it’s this Panera that makes me a little crazy. As my current Twitter says:

This is the only Panera in the world where the customers are disappointed there’s no clown’s mouth to yell into.

I think this may be the only Panera that also discontinued the popular Crispani Pizza. What’s up with that?

I am catching up on reading and doing such things as making videos while sitting at the table here in the restaurant. After watching a podcast this afternoon on how to make better videos, I decided to give it a go. Hopefully the experience will look better, though they didn’t really give any tips on content.

It is somewhat weird having little to do this week. School doesn’t start until next Tuesday and the job ended last Thursday. I’m surprised that I’ve actually showered, shaved and brushed my teeth, though I didn’t brush my teeth until around 6:30 p.m. today, after the cat looked at me and made litter box burying motions with his paw.

Truth be known though, with Earl out of town I’m quite comfortable with celebrating my loner side. I think it’s good to exist in my own little world once in a while. I might live my life out loud here on the blog, but there are a few nooks and crannies in my psyche that I don’t share with anyone aside from with a select few. Once in a while it’s fun to amuse myself.

I’ll let you form your own image on that last statement.


I made a video just for the fun of it. I’m trying something new (a true geek always evolves) so to watch the video you’ll need Quicktime. I like the quality better.