January 21, 2008

Back On The Beat.

There’s an old saying about running around in circles or maybe that life is a cycle or something like that. I don’t remember the details. Perhaps I’m making it up. I don’t remember, but there is a point to be made and I’ve completely forgotten what it is.

That being said, I spent part of yesterday working out a deal with a local bar to become their Friday night DJ. So starting Friday I’ll be in the new booth at the old bar I worked at from 1992 until 2001 doing the DJ thing. If Earl and I are unavailable on a given Friday night, I’ll provide the music for the evening through modern technology (custom mixes on an iPod or flash drive).

Ain’t computers cool?

I’m excited about returning to the (virtual) turntables for a couple of reasons. First of all, it allows me get my hands on something that I enjoy doing very much. While I admit that I didn’t really enjoy that experience in a corporate venue (i.e. radio station management), I must say that I do enjoy spinning up music that packs a dance floor, prompting hunky guys to take off their shirt and sweat while they dance. I’m an equal opportunity sweat maker, if the girls want to do that they can as well (they usually don’t though).

Another reason for my return to the turntables is that it’s going to give us some much needed pocket cash. In today’s economic climate and financially driven world, cash is good.

When talking with the owner of the bar, we also discussed putting a bear night together for the first Saturday in March. Now this I find equally exciting. I’ll share more details when they are available.

I’m looking forward to the new little side job and to compliment my school work. I have another sound engineering gig in the works that I’m even more excited about so I’m feeling good about the path that lies ahead. I think it’s important to find your path in life, it makes the journey so much easier.