So this afternoon I watched the video I made last night. It’s the one I blatantly shared on the blog; the one called “The Ride After Guinness”. After watching the video I realised that it’s a good thing I live life without regret and choose to treat everything as a learning experience. To be quite honest, I didn’t enjoy seeing myself a little intoxicated. On one hand I wasn’t puking or anything, after all I was sober enough to edit the video when I got home (though I don’t really remember doing it). I guess drunks everywhere are lucky that the latest version of iMovie can export directly to YouTube. However, on the other hand, I kind of blabber on like an idiot. It reminded me of the time I was drinking with co-workers and inadvertently grabbed the company Vice President’s ass.

I think I’m going to calm down on the Guinness. My gut will thank me for that and the scale will breathe a sigh of relief.

I decided to celebrate the first weekend of the New Year by cleaning the house from top to bottom. I figured it should be done once a year and I might as well do it at the beginning of the year so I remember when to do it again. Earl was up at the crack of dawn so he could go to work so I didn’t make him join in my fun when he got home, though he was kind enough to pack up the Christmas decorations.

He did join in the merriment for a moment when I nearly passed out from bleach fumes. I didn’t know you weren’t suppose to put pure bleach in a squirt bottler and found myself a little woozy while cleaning the bathroom. To remind me not to do that again, he took a video of me coughing, gasping, wheezing and lying on the bathroom floor.

I don’t think I’m going to share that video.

Tonight’s fun (and subject of today’s 365 Days photo) has been making a new DJ SuperCub mix. If it passes quality control later on I’ll share it with the masses.
DJ Super Cub