365 Days


So this afternoon I watched the video I made last night. It’s the one I blatantly shared on the blog; the one called “The Ride After Guinness”. After watching the video I realised that it’s a good thing I live life without regret and choose to treat everything as a learning experience. To be quite honest, I didn’t enjoy seeing myself a little intoxicated. On one hand I wasn’t puking or anything, after all I was sober enough to edit the video when I got home (though I don’t really remember doing it). I guess drunks everywhere are lucky that the latest version of iMovie can export directly to YouTube. However, on the other hand, I kind of blabber on like an idiot. It reminded me of the time I was drinking with co-workers and inadvertently grabbed the company Vice President’s ass.

I think I’m going to calm down on the Guinness. My gut will thank me for that and the scale will breathe a sigh of relief.

I decided to celebrate the first weekend of the New Year by cleaning the house from top to bottom. I figured it should be done once a year and I might as well do it at the beginning of the year so I remember when to do it again. Earl was up at the crack of dawn so he could go to work so I didn’t make him join in my fun when he got home, though he was kind enough to pack up the Christmas decorations.

He did join in the merriment for a moment when I nearly passed out from bleach fumes. I didn’t know you weren’t suppose to put pure bleach in a squirt bottler and found myself a little woozy while cleaning the bathroom. To remind me not to do that again, he took a video of me coughing, gasping, wheezing and lying on the bathroom floor.

I don’t think I’m going to share that video.

Tonight’s fun (and subject of today’s 365 Days photo) has been making a new DJ SuperCub mix. If it passes quality control later on I’ll share it with the masses.
DJ Super Cub

365 Days: Day 4.

365 Days: Day 4.
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The camera freaked out when I was taking my 365 Days photo for the day and it did this little bright sunshiny thing. I’d like to take credit for the effect but it was completely by accident. I think it’s kind of cool looking though.

2008: Day 1.

So here we are. It’s officially been 2008 for nearly a day and all is right with the world. I always welcome the New Year because it feels like a “warm reboot” of my life; a chance to get everything back in order, a chance to lose a few pounds and a chance to focus on new goals and dreams.

Earl and I arrived home from our trip to the Massachusetts South Shore around 2:15 this afternoon. We didn’t get settled into the house until 3:15 or so, because in order to get the car in the driveway I had to hike down to the house through around 10 inches of snow and make my way to the snowblower and clean out the driveway while Earl drove back and forth, up and down the road, monitoring my progress. As I walked up and down the driveway behind the snowblower, cranky because I had to use the slowest gear since the snowblower didn’t like handling all that snow, I dreamed of living in the middle of the Arizona desert in a spacious, sunshine filled house with solar and wind powered dreams and scantily clad men (aside from a collar or something of that sort) feeding me grapes and giving me a massage. It’s the only way to get through snowblowing the driveway.

The weekend in Massachusetts was fun. We stayed with our friends Scott and Mark and partied for a while last night at the Randolph Country Club. We went with the “club package” for the evening; this included a buffet dinner and a live band with dancing and whatnot. They expected over 100, there were only 40 people there. The live band was good but we felt a couple of decades too young for the music they were playing. Luckily, the Randolph Country Club has many bars and dance floors and such so we escaped to the younger part of the bar and danced a bit before heading back to Scott and Mark’s to watch Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark do their thing. We were in bed by 12:30.

I’ve watched a number of people do the “365 days” photo journal on Flickr over the past year; I’ve decided to jump in the fun. I can’t guarantee that I’ll remember to do it, but I plan on taking at least one photo a day to document that day in Flickr. It might be a fun thing to do.

I kicked off the New Year by shaving my head again for the first time in a number of months; I decided to make a photo documenting this for my 365 Days: Day 1 photo.
Head Shave.