Feasterville, Pa.

Earl and I have set up shop in a corner of the newish Panera here in Feasterville, Pa. for the morning. We are in town for Rick and Helen’s official wedding reception taking place tonight. We will be kilted for the occasion and I’ll be sure to share pictures tomorrow. It seems the kilt pictures were popular.

We always seem to migrate to Panera when we are looking for free wi-fi and decent food. Supporting my ghetto Panera theory, this Panera is nothing like the one we have back home. This store has a calm, quiet atmosphere going on, complete with fireplaces, lounge chairs and new age music. The Panera at home is really out of the norm with it’s McDonald’s vibe. I think that speaks volumes regarding the area we live in.

Using my quasi bionic hearing I’ve been eavesdropping on the conversation going on behind me. One woman’s daughter is taking the train to New York next weekend and she’ll be spending the night in a “haushaus”. The woman mentioned this haushaus several times before her friend corrected her and let her know that it’s a hostel.

I giggled.

Speaking of bionic hearing, I was reading some superhero geek message boards and noticed that the producers of Bionic Woman (the fake one) have altered the show a bit in attempt to stop the ratings from their freefall. They did this in the last episode by using a bit of slow-motion and sound effects to indicate that “Jaime” was doing something bionic. I appreciate the effort and I watched a clip online, and the effects looked quite cool, but it didn’t make up for the fact that there is a fake Jaime Sommers (which is worse than a fake Jan Brady), Isaiah Washington was on the show and the dialogue was really, really weak (and I only watched a seven minute clip). There’s rumblings that they’re going to “reboot” the entire show in January, hopefully they’ll start from scratch and listen to the suggestions from the public to make it more inline and continuous with the original bionic shows. Lindsay Wagner recently said that she doesn’t like the new show at all. So much for her cameo.

I still firmly believe that there is only one true Bionic Woman.