November 15, 2007

Food Trip.

Jeff at Esoteric Diversions talks about something that sounds quite heavenly in his blog post today.

The Thanksgiving Sub at D’Angelos. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy in a sub roll! Ooh la la. I’d even venture to eat the whole sub as intended instead of taking it apart to eat it. (It’s a long story).

Me thinks it’s time for a road trip to Massachusetts.

Blog Maintenance.

Dear kind and gentle readers, you may notice that I’ve done some tweaking of the blog site a bit.

* You can see me if I’m in the office/studio now courtesy of the Home Office Cam. It updates once a minute and may occasionally venture into PG-13/R territory depending on my mood. If it gets X, it gets covered. I’m shy.

* New additions to the Blogroll include Moby and Gooster. I love clicking on the links of others, which leads me to another, which leads me to another. I think Homer‘s blog started the chain this time. I haven’t met any of these guys face to face but I’d stalk them should the opportunity arise.

* I have a new Xbox Live game card based on my new name. We’ve officially entered Xbox 360 season in our household. Especially since the Eagles are kind of sucky this year.

* I’m getting a little multimedia happy these days with an increase in photos again. I’d like the kind and gentle reader to enjoy a multimedia experience.

Now sit back and enjoy a pleasant flight.