I’m not a morning person. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I barely speak English before noon. But in an effort to be a worthy, contributing member to society, I’ve been getting up around 7:30, even though my first class isn’t until 11:00. After getting up I usually mess around on the computer, feed the cat and watch The Golden Girls for a bit before getting in the shower and officially starting my day.

As a quick aside here, I must say I don’t understand those who don’t shower first thing in the morning. I am not awake, functional or pleasant if I have not showered in the morning. It’s the way I wake up. Those that don’t shower aren’t bad people, I just don’t understand how they can get started with their day. That’s all.

Anyway, this morning my mother called to reschedule our planned outing for this evening. I was already awake but I could tell she was hesitant to call me because she knows how I can be in the morning. While we were talking I noticed that the call was full of static. This has happened on and off for the past couple of days, since the completion of my wiring projects in the cellar.

So before I took a shower, before I was dressed and before I was speaking English, I rewired the phone connection to the outside world (including making custom cables), installed a shelf in the server room and relocated all our network equipment to the new shelf.

Now there’s no more static on the phone, the internet is faster and life in general is good.

And I haven’t even showered yet. Viva la productivity!