February 17, 2007

Dahling I Love You,

Earl and I have been jet setting around Manhattan for most of the day. We slept in a little bit and then headed for our first stop: The Art of Shaving. I picked up the early 20th century safety razor I’ve had my eyes on for the past several years. This will make manuevering around the mustache much easier.

From there we headed up Lexington and jumped on the train at 60th. This was our first time together on a train in New York. I can navigate Boston’s T without an issue but the trains here go a little beyond red, blue, green and orange lines. Once we got our bearings we were good to go and before we knew it we were headed downtown. Earl stopped and get a haircut on St. Marks and then we headed to the Village, where we did lots of window shopping and had a bite to eat.

Afterwards we headed to Grand Central Station to gawk like tourists and then jumped back on the train, stopping at Bloomingdale’s so I could pick up a new pair of pants for tonight’s show. It’s all about the fashion babe, so we ended up going to the The Gap across the street. I’ll have to model for a photo later.

We did a lot more walking and are now installed in the hotel room to catch our breath before heading out for the evening.