February 13, 2007

You Write Goodly.

I received my first grade of the semester in my English Composition class. I’m delighted to say that I got an “A”. My paper was about my weight loss from cycling.

I was a little concerned about my paper because I tend to write in a conversational style. I attribute this to my blog, as well as my training as an ad copy writer back in my radio broadcasting days. Nevertheless, the instructor found the paper delightful and all is well with the world. I had to submit my latest paper for the class today, which was a “process essay”. I wrote an article on how to grow a mustache. I figured I was a pretty good at it and familiar with the subject so I might as well write about it. I even invited the ladies to join in on the fun, but I doubt any of them will.

We are now under a “heavy storm warning” with three feet of snow being targeted for our little area. While I love going to school very much, I can’t help but be as giddy as a school kid at the thought of a snow day tomorrow. If classes are canceled tomorrow, the adult in me will kick in and use the opportunity to get ahead on my studies.

Especially since we’re fresh out of bon bons.