Say Ahh.

Last night Earl and I joined First Earl for dinner at a local Italian restaurant. The restaurant is called Joey’s, only seats 38 people, is in a charming old store front and is appropriately located in the Italian side of town. We love it there1.

While I was enjoying my New England Clam Chowder, I realised that it was too hot for consumption after I had a big hunk of clam in my throat. (Typing that sentence kind of makes me gag a little). My first instinct was to swallow the clam, which I tried to do, except it was too big to swallow, so it just kind of hovered in the back of my throat where it proceeded to burn. As I grabbed for my drink (which was beer – fuel for the fire), the clam made it’s mark on the back of my throat where it apparently made a burn mark that now rides on my tongue. My throat is sore and it feels like I have the constant presence of a clam in my throat. It won’t go down, it won’t come up, it just sits there. I’m sure it’s just some swelling where the burn mark is and that it’ll all heal in a couple of days but it’s wicked annoying.

I’m such an idiot sometimes.

1 When Olive Garden was staking out potential sites in our area, they ate at Joey’s. After their meal they decided that they could never compete here and abandoned plans to come to the area. They also asked for a jar of Joey’s sauce so they could analyse it.