February 10, 2007

Cabin Fever Saturday.


It always comes around these parts at this time of year. The snow keeps falling. The snowblower keeps blowing. And the natives get surly while they’re snug in their homes waiting for the sun to shine once again. We call it “cabin fever”.

Earl and I spent the day moving furniture and cleaning around the house. It hasn’t been the most exciting weekend we’ve had together, but at least it’s been productive. I’ve been out of work for 42 days so I thought I should unpack the box of my belongings from my old desk. Hence the photo of the very technical piece of telecommunications equipment pictured above. There is an antiquated piece of equipment called a “reflectometer” which was used to troubleshoot the telephone network. Back in my on call days we had a customer that would call us and tell us that we needed to use one of them on his phone lines. I would just agree with him and clock the overtime. When I mentioned at the office that I didn’t know what this customer was talking about, this was on my desk. It was a gift from a co-worker a couple of years ago. It was used to monitor how pissed I was becoming while providing technical support. It’s now part of my new office in our basement.

Perhaps I should shine it on the lawn and melt some of this snow.



Originally uploaded by macwarriorny.

The moving into the new “creative space” continues this weekend. I had to pause for a moment to show off my “Ray Of Light” platinum CD, complete with my name on the bottom. “Presented to commemorate RIAA certified multi-platinum sales of more than 3,000,000 copies of the Warner Brothers Record cassette and C.D. ‘Ray of Light'”.

I know every radio station gets these, but this one at least has my name on it.