Culinary Commitments.

Come the first of the year I have agreed to cook more at home. This is in an effort to be a little more budget conscious as well as making strides to healthier eating. In preparation for this great event, I’ve been paying a little more attention to the habits I have in the kitchen and am trying to get a routine down.

The first thing I did was actually locate the kitchen. In case you’re wondering it’s the room with the smaller television.

The second thing I did was assess our stove, declare it unfit for my needs and tell Earl I would like a new one. Something more automatic.

Ah, but I jest. The stove is perfectly functional but I really can’t figure out how the house was built in 1996 yet the stove was manufactured in 1985. I firmly believe our stove came out of a mobile home. It has that “tornado terrified” look in it’s eyes.

As I was preparing my lunch, which involved boiling water, I noticed that I had the habit of putting the measuring cup in the dishwasher after boiling water in it in the microwave. Well now that I think about it that’s just silly. It only had water in it, the water was boiling, so ergo, the cup should still be clean.

Today I was a rebel and put it back in the cupboard after drying it off. I feel like such a rebel.