Tales From The Loop.

Earl and I finished watching “Tales From The Loop” on Amazon Prime this weekend. It took us a while to finish the eight episode series. We started it at the beginning of lockdown. While the concept was very intriguing, and I especially enjoyed the intersection of science fiction with retro-futuristic technology, the pacing of some of the episodes was a little difficult for me to grasp.

I shan’t spoil anything here, but basically, “Tales From The Loop” is about a town that is built above a scientific research facility called “The Loop”. We are reminded of photos of the the Large Hadron Collider in Europe. References to activity with in “The Loop” are vague; basically, they make the impossible possible. The episodes show us what happens to individuals as a result of being near “The Loop”.

The music in each episode is gorgeous. It’s probably the best scenic type music I’ve heard in years. The cinematography and visuals are amazing. The stories are compelling, just paced oddly at times.

Overall we enjoyed the experience, but it’s best left enjoyed at your own pace.