Voting Day.

I just got back from voting. All in all the entire process took less than five minutes. I was voter number 211 at our Town Hall today. I was disappointed to see no baked goods for sale; before we moved in 2003 our old voting place always had some civic organization selling baked goods. At the primary elections in September I was voter 59 at 6:00 p.m., today I was 211 a little after noon so I think there’ll be a good turnout. I was sure to thank the voting officials as I left the building. I admire them. I hope to be one someday.

Growing up we rarely talked about politics in my family. There were no heated debates at home of who was a good candidate and who was a bad candidate. At the family owned business was another matter, there were often loud, boisterous discussions amongst the older generation, but not at home. My Mom and Dad would always do their part and vote. We’d get into the car and drive down to the local fire/bingo/meeting/recreation/voting hall. We’d see the local folks from the grocery store or whatnot in their capacity as “election officials”. Mom and Dad would check in and sign the big book and then go into the machine with the curtain. Jennifer usually went in with Dad to watch, I was allowed to go in with Mom. Afterwards, she wouldn’t reveal who she voted for and I believe my father just hit the buttons across his party’s row. To talk about it would go against the unspoken “politics are not to be discussed” rule that applied at home. I think this was his way of maintaining peace and quiet because there were so many arguments at work about politics.

When I voted today I was happy to see the tried and true mechanical voting machines that have been present in this part of the state for a long, long time. I also smiled as I cast my votes, because while I was making what I thought were informed, intelligent decisions and it ended up that I was doing as my Dad did and going right across a party line.

I think it was a different party though. I could be wrong. We never talked about it much.