Little Surprises.


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Earl ordered this t-shirt for me before our trip out west last April. It arrived this past week. Talk about being back-ordered a long time! Tonight was the first opportunity I had to wear it. I love it.

We’ve also been debating about adding another computer to our merry little household. I need a, gulp, Windows based computer for school. I had seriously considered upgrading my PowerBook G4 (Mac) to a MacBook Pro so that I would have the latest and greatest Mac notebook that would also be able to dual boot to Windows as needed. However, we found a great deal on a kick-ass HP notebook at Circuit City which made purchasing the MacBook Pro a little bit unnecessary. After all, I’m still in love with my PowerBook and I kind of like having the separation of a “serious” computer (the HP) for school and my “play” computer (the PowerBook) for everything else. So I’ve taken a small leap into the Windows world for educational purposes. But I’m still a Mac boy at heart.