Just Like Kindergarten.

Just Like Kindergarten.

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I believe our southern neighbors have it right. I think the workday should be split up by a siesta. Everyone, working or not, deserves a nap in the midst of their workday so they stay on their game and are in tip top shape when they need to be. I’m all for supper late at night too, but that would make me fat.

Since I have class tonight, I’ve swapped work shifts with a co-worker (thank goodness it was a co-worker instead of a gardener or something), leaving me with the early shift. My on-call duties called in the middle of the night last night, so I don’t have a lot of sleep under my belt today. Normally that’d make me cranky, but I decided to circumvent the cloudy, cranky feeling that was moving in by put my head down on the kitchen table for a few moments.

Since Earl was at work, I grabbed the closest bear I could find: a stuffed animal from one of our many roadtrips. Perhaps that was a little silly, but the few moments of closing my eyes did wonders for my deteriorating mood. I feel like I can get through the afternoon now.

I remember taking naps back when I was in kindergarten and getting yelled at by Mrs. Mosher (“No child is really any different from any other child”) because I kept sneaking a leg or foot onto another boy’s rug when he was trying to sleep. Oops! I guess I was frisky in a kindergarten sort of way back then.

Maybe we’d live in a better place if people took naps AND got frisky during their lunch hour. I know it’d make me smile through my afternoon.