Harborfest 2006 Fireworks.

Harborfest 2006 Fireworks.

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Yesterday afternoon I was in the middle of blogging when we had a very aggressive thunderstorm blow through the area, flooding areas that have been flooded repeatedly this summer, blowing us around with 60+ MPH winds and cutting power and internet to our happy little home. So we did the logical thing. We drove west to Harborfest 2006 in Oswego.

Harborfest is basically a city-wide festival, with street vendors, games, displays and all sorts of family fun to be found in every nick and cranny of this port city on Lake Ontario. I always like going to Oswego because it has the whole college town vibe going on and at just 15 miles, it’s the closest “metropolitan” area to the small village where I grew up. When we were youngsters, we’d always go school clothes shopping at Westons (regional department store chain that became Jamesway before going belly up) in Oswego.

Anyways, in addition to all the fun and games going on, there’s also some drinking. Lots of drinking. There’s bands playing everywhere, with tons of people crowding the streets, all drinking beer and other assorted beverages. People get very silly, there’s a fight here and there and basically all sorts of interesting activities take place whereever you look.

Last night was the great fireworks display put on by Entergy, one of the nuclear power company in Oswego. (And Earl wonders why I glow in the dark.) The storm gave way to clear skies in time for the massive display of pyrotechnics and I must say I think it was the most impressive fireworks display I’ve ever seen in my life. They are forgiven for not doing this on Independence Day. It’s that good.

I was able to get some great shots off the show, including the one pictured above. It’s amazing how well I was able to do, considering the couple of pints of dark ale I had in me.