New Jersey.

The casinos in Atlantic City, among countless N.J. state run agencies, were ordered to shut down today. Think what you may about the morality behind gambling but it’s just wrong to put thousands of workers on an “unpaid absence” simply because the government can’t get its act together.

I don’t understand budgets. I don’t pretend to. I can’t even bluff my way through a debate or conversation regarding the government and its sea of red tape. I think the answer to money problems is simple: print more money. Worried about government spending? Then stop spending!

Some newspaper articles covering the budget mess in New Jersey were talking about how law makers had to come into session on the 4th unshaven and wearing t-shirts under their sportcoats. The poor souls apparently had to skip their holiday plans and work at coming to a budget resolution. It didn’t happen. So this morning, the state basically remains closed, and since the casino has state funded overseers on site, the casinos shut down as well.

I feel bad for the casino workers. The money isn’t that great, the job isn’t really that great and now they’re told to stay home without pay. All because the state government can’t get its act together.

I’m a little fired up about this. I don’t even like New Jersey. I hope the folks there make their dissatisfaction known come election time.