weather map
I’ve often quipped at work that on the day that Armageddon arrives, I will be on-call for work. The earth will be ending and some nimrod is going to be complaining that they can’t dial the time and temperature line because their phone line is out. “It’s Armageddon, it’s very hot.” That’s what I’ll tell them.

Yesterday I mentioned that it had been steadily raining for the past 24 hours or so. The rain continued until around 11 a.m. today. I can’t get onto the National Weather Service website to see how much rain has accumulated, but I can tell you that there are *a lot* of telephones not working in the area.

A few things happening in the area:

1. All roads in nearby Herkimer County are closed due to flooding.
2. The New York State Thruway is closed between Exits 31 and 28 due to the rising waters on the Mohawk River and Erie Canal, both of which run parallel to the Thruway. Due to the closure, as of this writing the Thruway is backed up at least four miles as eastbound traffic tries to exit through the small tollbooths there.
3. A restaurant in the small village of Dolgeville decided enough was enough and fell into the East Canada River.
4. To our south, parts of the cities of Binghamton and Oneonta are under water.
5. A portion of Interstate 88 washed out.

There’s a lot more going on, but I have to pretend like I’m working at my desk when I’m trying to do this research.

Last night was interesting for me because my pager rang for the most of the night, coaxing out of slumber and into SuperTech mode. I’ve had about two hours sleep. I’m a little punchy at work. I’m thinking I told a customer to fsck themselves instead of just thinking it, but that could just be the sleep deprived paranoia kicking in. I think I would have remembered that conversation.

Mother Nature is certainly keeping us on our toes this year!