June 16, 2006



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Once in a while I need a slap upside the head from The Universe to remind me that when you look at “the big picture”, it’s really not that bad.

Work has been less than spectacular this morning. My non-Windows nature is running a little contrary to the Microsoft centric thinking of the company I work for. This gets me a little frustrated. I let it affect my mood, which I know I shouldn’t.

But then I get home and see a beautiful sight which I tried to capture to share on my blog. This little plant is the newest addition to our landscaping, having been brought home at the end of last month. The weather hasn’t shown her much sunshine since her arrival, however, today’s beautiful day has given her the opportunity to let her beauty bloom.

Seeing this flower today turned my mood completely around. I have a smile on my face once again and I’m ready to enjoy my afternoon at work.

Sometimes we need a little nudge from the little things to remind us that all in all, we can’t a little speck of dust on the big picture bring us down.