1. Is it weird that it turns me on that you actually mention me in your blog? Jeffrey’s never mentioned this issue with his red case. I have a clear hard plastic case that, although seems to do a GREAT job protecting my iPhone, it traps dirt and dust underneath which is very visible under the clear plastic and it is a summuva bitch to get the case off to clean it out. I’ve done it twice but still haven’t figured out exactly how and each time it takes about ten minutes to the pry the damn thing off. SO…. if the case was easier to open, I’d be happier with it because it in and of itself doesn’t get dirty, it just traps that iPhone case spooged between the phone and the case. I’ve asked for a rubber case for xmas because of the ease of removing it. And, dude, I LOVE a man who obsesses over clean appliances, doodads and what not. This blog post was practically porn for me.

  2. My two cents…(and feel free to keep the change!) I vote for wash with soap and water…that is, unless you are like us aestheticians, and then, in that case, wash with soap and water, then drown in hand sanitizer, then place in a UV sterilizer (which actually doesn’t sterilize anything – it only sanitizes) then remove after ten minutes only to discover that the object you originally placed inside has, yep, you guessed it….self destructed….good luck!!

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