June 5, 2006

Tinka Tinka Tink.


I just love this graphic I found on the Bewitched-related website, Harpies’ Bizarre. June is gay pride month and one of the contributors to that site is making Bewitched themed postcards for the occasion.

And here’s a little bit of trivia: shortly after Dick Sargent’s (Darrin ) coming out in the early 1990s, he was asked to be grand marshal of the Los Angeles Gay Pride parade. He asked and was joined by America’s favorite television witch, Elizabeth Montgomery. As well as being breathtaking beautiful, “Lizzy” was a wonderful human being.


I’m becoming increasingly fired up about this second round of gay marriage debate that is taking a hold of the capital. It’s very obvious to many why this is being bandied about again; the current administration is failing miserably and know they are going to pay the price for it in the next round of elections, so they are doing everything they can to secure the ultra-conservative vote in November. Senseless deaths in Iraq, a failing economy and international concerns be damned, we need to make sure that Bruce and Bruce don’t get married. In their eyes, it’s blasphemy.

What a crock of bullshit.

The issue of separation of church and state aside, one of the arguments we hear is that marriage is for the purpose of building a family. I wish someone had told my 80-year old grandfather that back in July ’95. He was marrying for the second time to a woman he wanted to spend his final years with. I have no doubt that he loved her very much. I also have no doubt that they wouldn’t be having children any time soon. By the whackos’ rules, they shouldn’t have been getting married. But they lived in marital bliss right up until his death. No houses fell, no fires engulfed them, but horror of horrors, they were married but weren’t having children.

It really is amazing when you see two people in love. It’s truly a sight to behold. Oh, there are many that say they’re in love, and they fake it really well, but I believe you can tell when you see two people united as one. They’re best friends, they’re two parts of a whole and their relationship transcends this mortal concept of “marriage”.

If by the slim chance that this waste of time amendment somehow becomes part of the U.S. Constitution, then I propose this: All “normal” couples getting married be submitted to fertility tests. I mean, if they can’t procreate, then there really isn’t a need for them to get married, right? Can you see it now? “I’m sorry Tim, but this test shows you’re unable to have kids. I know you’re 23 years old. I understand that you love Jenna very much and have been together for a long time, but no, you can’t get married.” Why, if that happened to an affluent family in Texas, they’d be jumpin’ higher than the mother’s hairdo to get the situation corrected.

I have news for anyone opposed to gay marriage. Hear me and hear me well. Earl and I were married on December 26, 1996. I have had a wedding ring on my left finger since that blessed event. Nothing, and I mean _nothing_ is going to take our marriage away from us and nothing is going to make it any less sacred. We will do everything in our power to protect our marriage. You can tax us, you can ban us, you can tell us we’re going to hell (and that is such a stupid thing to say as I think it’s quite evident that _this_ is hell), but it’s not going to weaken our union. Hardly. It’s not going to make us stop loving each other. It’s going to make us stronger and bring us closer.

Every citizen has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No ifs, no ands, no buts. Period.


So Dubya is speaking about the importance of banning gay marriage at a federal level by way of a constitutional amendment. This would be the first constitutional amendment that would deny rights of U.S. citizens instead of granting them. It has little chance of passing the proper channels to become an amendment. But he’s going to go ahead and talk about it and what not, to prove to the religious right that he’s still on board with their crusade.

What a bunch of heartless ghouls.