My Invite?

Being in a “music” mood of sorts today, I did some searching around on the internet to see if my two favorite groups from my teen years, The Human League and Animotion, were out on tour these days. I would love to see these two groups perform.

Imagine my surprise to see that they performed *together* in Las Vegas recently! Hello? Where was my invitation? And to think I still have the letter I received from Astrid Plane back in 1985 in response to a fan letter I had written.

It seems like I never have any luck trying to meet The Human League either. I tried pulling strings back when I was a program director for the radio station, no dice. I had to sit in the audience like everyone else.

The closest I can get right now is this lucky fan’s photo on the internet. Time to crank up the iPod baby.
Animotion and The Human League
Astrid Plane of Animotion and Susan Sulley and Joanne Catherall of The Human League with an unidentified fan.