For some reason I awoke this morning in full domestic mode. I wanted to clean. I wanted to redecorate. I want to make this house POP. So after a nice little breakfast, Earl and I started cleaning and scrubbing the house. He did bathrooms, I did the kitchen. I actually scraped enough gunk off the stove to find out the original color of it. It’s off white! Maybe it’s almond. Earl came in and said, “Hmmm… I always thought the stove was avocado.” Nevertheless, it’s looking spiffy now. We’re afraid to cook in fear of getting it dirty.

Earl continued to work on the bathrooms while I tackled the next chore, dusting. I have to admit I’m not a big fan of dusting. I don’t like spraying crap on the end table to make it shine. The cat slides off when he jumps on it and it’s smells way too lemony for my taste. So we just swiffed our way through it with a handy little Swiffer duster. Much quicker and much better.

No cleaning project is complete without mopping the kitchen floor. So I did the honors and found the original tile pattern after a little bit of elbow grease. Earl and I are such sloppy cooks in the kitchen!

I must admit that occasionally I feel overwhelmed by our house. It’s pretty good sized and with both our busy schedules always grinding away, sometimes keeping the house up to health standards can be challenging. We’ve talked about moving to a smaller place just so we wouldn’t have so much work to do to keep the house clean. But I’ve decided I like our home. It just needs a little TLC once in a while.

Next domestic attack: the basement!