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Bad Fan.

This morning I was checking up on the American Idol Message Boards before getting ready to work and found out that the third time is a charm.

I’ve been banned from the AI message boards under three different usernames.

Apparently only pro-contestant responses are allowed, because each time I’ve been thrown off the board it was because I made a negative remark about the finalist dubbed “Chicken Little”, Kevin Covais.

I’m sure Kevin is a nice kid. This past episode he showed off his cocky side by sassing back to the mean ol’ judge Simon Cowell. And he sailed through this week’s round without a problem, undoubtedly plumping up his ego a little more. Paula “I’m stoned or drunk betcha can’t guess which” Abdul keeps telling him how sexy and “squishy” he is. I think he’s believing his own hype.

My issue with the kid is that he has a serious speech impediment. Or a therious thpeech impediment. And I can’t get past that.

It’s not the kid’s fault that he has this impediment. His parents probably should have had whatever is causing it corrected when he was younger. But there he is singing “Isn’t she lovely” and covering my television screen with spit. Apparently you can’t bring attention to this on the AI boards because it’s consider rude and inappropriate. Another no-no is mentioning Vote For The Worst.com, the site that is encouraging people to vote for the worst AI contestant so they’re stuck with a turkey in the finals.

So I’m off the AI boards. I can take a hint. I’m probably done with the show too.

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  1. We call him Doogie in my house and are in utter disbelief he is till on the show. We figure he’s getting the geek vote.

    And when he sang “Part time Lover” I said ” Sure, he has to be home by 8pm curfew, he can only BE a part time lover.”

    Vote him off already. He needs to go back to school. The AV club isn’t the same without him.

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