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Since all the really chic parties were this past weekend, I didn’t get to show off my costume except for this well timed photo shoot. I considered going to supper in this outfit but then realized that except for the spandex, I was naked.

Perhaps it would have been an interesting evening after all.

No trick or treaters were to be found on our doorstep this year. Of course, the porch light was off, the garage lights were off and the blinds were drawn as we sat silently in the living room. Nah, I’m just kidding. We live about a half of a mile from a housing development and when we drove by I noticed a ton of cars with trick or treaters spilling out everywhere. The little beggers. Apparently the little ghouls and goblins prefer the close proximity of the stepford houses over our house with the long driveway. You’d think our address was 1313 Mockingbird Lane or something.

I made the comment today at work that I didn’t think kids did the whole trick or treat thing like they used to, what with the hysteria of candy from strangers and the paranoia of today’s generation of parents. Back in my day we marched up and down both sides of the street, usually in the snow, and engaged in once a year conversation with some of our neighbors, even the weird ones that had a horse living in a second story bedroom. Then we’d pile into my aunt’s Datsun and make the rounds to the great aunts and grandparents before eating ourselves into a diabetic coma and then threatening to blow up our stomachs by eating Pop Rocks with a Coca-Cola chaser.

Ah, the good ol’ days.

To properly celebrate Halloween this year, Earl and I watched the third season Halloween episode of “Bewitched”. The year was 1966 and Endora decides to have her annual party at Darrin and Samantha’s house. The guests include Boris and his girlfriend, a cat named Ava, baseball legend Willie Mays and the always campy Paul Lynde as Uncle Arthur.

Now Endora knew how to properly have a Halloween party: with champagne and caviar.