Just Like Daddy.

Just Like Daddy.

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Last night Earl and I went shopping at a locally owned supermarket which is, sadly, the last one left in the area. Have I mentioned that I’m not a big fan of the huge behemoths that have taken over the grocery market in the area? You think if we were going to have chain grocery stores here, we’d have a quality chain like Wegmans here, but no, we’re stuck with a bunch of Super Wal*Marts (Always White Trash, Always).

Unfortunately the locally owned market doesn’t have a huge selection. They’re trying desperately to compete with the glutton of chains in the area and for the most part they do an admirable job. But when you’re looking for a certain item that you’ve seen advertised or in one of the bigger stores, it’s a crap shoot as to whether it’s going to be there or not.

I had to pick up some cat food for Tom while we were out. He told me in no uncertain terms that he does not enjoy the prescribed food from the vet. If you’re wondering how he told me this, he demonstrated his dislike by backing up to the bowl of food and acting like he was burying something in his litter box. He’s inherited his sense of comedy from me, I guess, because I did the exact same thing on a blind date once.

But I digress.

So we went looking in the “pet” aisle and found a choice between Fancy Feast at two for $1.49 and this Figaro at two for $.69. Trying to save money, I figured I’d get a couple of cans and see how he did with this before I made a commitment and bought a bunch of it.

I served it up for his supper last night and he wolfed it down like he hadn’t been fed in days. Fair enough. I gave him a little more for breakfast this morning with the same results, he gobbled it up like there was no tomorrow and then looked at me and begged for a little more.

I guess Figaro brand is the “diner” brand in the cat food circles, it’s basic, cheap but tastes great. Tom is just like his Daddies when it comes to food.

We’re so proud of our son.