Bed And Breakfast Mode.

Earl and I are very excited about our friends Steve and Tim coming to visit from Buffalo. They’re spending the weekend with us to get away from it all and we’re looking forward to seeing them.

It’s also a wonderful reason to clean the house and spend money redecorating.

The spare bedroom has never looked so good. The bed is made, the scented candles are lit to give it a warm, homey feeling. I’m a little disappointed that I don’t have mints for the pillows, so I’m going to leave a couple of Butterfingers instead.

Yesterday I went to the local Kohls to get new towels and bathroom accessories. They had the ideal shower curtain on display that matched the color of our bathroom perfectly. Of course our mini-me version of Kohls didn’t have any of what was displayed actually in stock, so we jumped into the car last night and drove to Syracuse to go the real Kohls. While we were in Syracuse we also went to Carrabba’s for some pasta fun. Whenever we go to Carrabba’s we shun waiting for a table and opt to eat at their pasta bar instead. I had a couple of glasses of wine, Earl ended up driving home after a stop at Wegmans to grocery shop. Wegmans is grocery nirvana and can not be duplicated by any chain, regardless of how many times they try. (I should get paid by someone for all these retail endorsements.)

So now we’re armed and ready for fun with our friends. I might even cook breakfast in the morning!