Part of my spiritual beliefs include reincarnation. I believe that souls come to Earth on numerous occasions throughout the ages to learn lessons and to experience “life” in order to enhance our timeless souls. In preparation for our arrival here, we meet with others beforehand and plan out a rough outline of our life. We plant little cues along the way to let us know that we are on our path and making good strides along our journey. These little cues pop up as déja vu or as intution and remind or assure our soul “yes, you’re on the right track, you’re doing the right thing.” I also believe that we recognize key people along our journey of life, and while we may be meeting someone for the first time, we’ve actually known their soul for a long, long time and we just happen to be meeting up in this life for the first time. I believe these theories support that feeling of “love at first sight” or “becoming fast friends” or even that uneasy feeling you get before something bad happens. While I have read numerous books by several authors on this subject, these readings have basically confirmed what I inherently know, rather than steering me into these beliefs.

There are several people in my life right now that I feel I have known forever, though I’ve actually known them for just a short time. When I first met Earl, I knew that I had met my kindred soul, my life partner and that I would no longer be on this journey alone. It wasn’t learned, it didn’t creep up on me, I just knew this to be true.

These feelings came flooding in when I started my current job back in August 2004. I remember going home after work that first day, almost in tears from the elation I was feeling because everything just felt “right” for the first time in a while. When I met people through my office, I felt like I knew them already.

As Earl and I have opened up a little bit and allowed ourselves to make friends over the past year or so, we’ve met a couple of people that we’ve just “clicked” with. While we’ve known each other for only a short while, there’s a comfortable, calming feeling that can’t be described. We “get” them and I believe they “get” us. It’s an honor to call them our friends.

I don’t know why I’m feeling all deep tonight. Perhaps its the enchantment of the autumn wind that’s stirring up my spirituality. Perhaps it’s the centeredness I feel after a relaxing weekend with friends and family. Maybe it’s the sniffles I refuse to acknowledge because after all, I refuse to be sick.

Whatever it is, it’s all good.