What About The Schnozz?

Well I finally got to the doctor’s to find out what was going on with my sinuses. During the night the bridge of my nose had swollen up more, giving me a rugged look that looked somewhat flattering but not at all natural. Enough was enough.

He thumped my chest, pumped my glands and stuck a light up my nose. Yep, it was a sinus infection alright, but it didn’t go beyond that, my chest, etc. sounded clear. Yay! Being allergic to penicillin AND the sulfa drugs, he gave me an antibiotic called the “Z-Pak” which you take for just five days, apparently giving whatever shouldn’t be in your body a one-two punch. I also received a prescription of Allegra-D. I took both at lunch time and surprisingly the Allegra-D doesn’t make me mean. I’ll have to save a couple of these puppies for later.

Having used my lunch hour to go to the doctor, I settled back my desk to eat a turkey sandwich I had brought along. My friend Shirley offered a bowl of her homemade chicken soup to go along with the sandwich since I wasn’t feeling well and the soup should really hit the spot. It did as intended, along with a chocolate chip cookie from the batch my friend Mike had brought yesterday when he had heard I wasn’t feeling well. It’s nice to have thoughtful friends.

So now I feel tons better already and am looking forward to seeing my old nose again.