I’m on call again this week, but thank the Universe it’s only for five days and four nights. (Wasn’t that a movie with Anne Heche?) I have already accumulated more overtime tonight than I did during last week’s entire on-call stint. Daddy’s going to buy some Apple goodies with overtime money next week!

Earl’s work pace has gone from “very rapid” to “anti-vapid” in about six seconds but that’s o.k. He’s spending every other night in Scotia which makes for some lonely nights but I look at the bright side. It’ll make the weekend that much more special.

I’ve already put in for two vacation days next week. I’m driving Earl to Philly for a family visit AND for business meetings on Monday. He then jets off to Vermont and I’ll have the latter half of Monday and all of Tuesday to go on a little road trip in the Acura. Any suggestions on where to go?


  1. There are MANY things you can do on a road trip between Philly and Vermont. What are you looking for? Antiques, nature, spas, Amish farms, “big” cities? I’d enjoy throwing out some suggestions if you give me some idea of what you’re interested in.

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