World Travel.

My sister recently announced to the family that her boyfriend’s work is taking him to Russia, and that she and her boyfriend are moving to Moscow for a couple of months.

Wow. Talk about moving away for a little bit.

What’s even a little more surprising is that if this happens (and it most likely will), Earl and I will fly to Moscow to visit them in February for our winter vacation.

Double Wow.

I’m very excited for my sister, as it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about this ever-shrinking world we live in. I have a cousin that’s a missionary in Yemen, and I reason that if my cousin can stay in Yemen, my sister can certainly survive Moscow. I don’t know why I make that connection, I just do.

I find the thought of visiting Moscow to be fascinating, as I’ve never dreamed of visiting Russia before. I hear it’s a beautiful city! I’m a little nervous about the flight over, because it’s very long and I think I’ll be bored to tears. Then again, I’ve dreamed about flying to Sydney, Australia and never thought about the length of that flight, so Moscow can’t be that bad.

I see some culture shock on the horizon!