The Path.

The sky was a mix of rose, mauve and a pale blue. I could smell the scent of lilac on the gentle breeze. Off to my right was a beautiful body of water. The waves gently lapped at the shore. Below me was a beautiful sandy beach. On my left appeared a beautiful silouette. An apparition. A spirit. A soul. Human words can not express the beauty, the vibrance or the essence of the figure that appeared. I instinctively knew her name as “Amanda”. She was recognizable beyond doubt as soon as I sensed her.

“You’ve asked for my help in the past. I’m always here for you, in the past, in the present and in the future.”

Lying ahead of me in the sand was a well defined path. The path stretched ahead for what seemed an eternity. I could see no end.

“You are on the right path. You have your doubts, but not to worry, for you will know when you’ve veered off course.” As she said that, I saw myself walking down a rocky path. There was a yellow and brown snake along side, not threatening, but frightening me nonetheless. There was no breeze, no scent of lilac. There were bushes with thorns. None of this was frightening, but it was disconcerting and gave me the sense of “wrong”.

My consciousness brought me back to the sandy beach, the body of water, the gentle wind. I saw others effortlessly walking in the distance. They were each walking their own path, intersecting with one another. But I couldn’t walk. My feet were heavy. I could barely lift my legs. The sand was holding me down.

“Your own negativity is holding you down. It’s preventing you from walking your path easily. You have many gifts. You bring joy to others, through laughter, through the sparkle in your eyes. But you complain about life. You never seem happy. You’re making the walk much more difficult than it needs to be.”

I continued to try to walk forward. The sand was still heavy, my feet were heavy, but I managed to take to steps forward. Along side me, on my right, appeared another spirit or soul. I instantly recognized him as Earl. He was a little younger looking, but it was definitely Earl.

“He’s here for you, as you are here for him. You’re walking the path together. Your guides are always here, watching over you. Lift your feet. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be lazy. Walk your path. Just stop complaining about the journey. Look around, there’s beauty everywhere.”

“Walk your path, John. Clear your mind of negativity. Focus on all the positive aspects of life. Share your gifts with others. Then walk your path with confidence. Just stop complaining about it.”

And with a final scent of lilac, I awoke, feeling absolutely wonderful this morning. I believe someone is trying to tell me something.