June 19, 2005

Happy Fathers’ Day

My dad is cool. A man of few words, he still gets his point across and his feelings know. He’s a “good ol’ boy” and I mean that in every good way possible. His memory is astounding (something I happily inherited from him). His outlook on the world is definitely his own. When many men in my position would find their paths diverging from their father’s, I’m finding myself closer than ever to him. It gives me a great deal of pride to say “that’s my Dad.”

Happy Fathers’ Day, Dad.

J.P. and his dad - '98
Here we are at my 30th birthday party in 1998. He had just announced to the entire party “That’s my boy!”

Everything But The Uniform.

Earl and I spent the day today preparing for our upcoming Big Camping Adventure. We set up the camper in the driveway so we were sure we can do it, no matter the weather. We were able to get the whole thing set up in less than 10 minutes. Not bad for our trial run!

We then shopped at any store in the area that had a hint of camping supplies. Vinyl tablecloths, bug repellent wipes, mountain pie makers, lawn chairs, you name it, we found it and bought it. We were having difficulty locating the things we needed and found ourselves rather stumped after visiting Wal*Mart, Target and K-mart. Then we realized that we had our very own Gander Mountain so we went wild in there. Always good fun.

To cap off the evening, we brushed up on our crime-fighting skills by watching Batman Begins. It was a good movie. We both agreed it was the best of the Batman movies to date. Not quite as good (at least for us) as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which we saw last night, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Now we feel completely prepared for our camping adventure coming up in a couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to it.