June 9, 2005

Today’s iTip is HOT.

“The Game Of Love”, Santana feat Michelle Branch.

O.k., everyone can calm down, my iPod is working once again. In case you suffer the same trouble as me, here’s what I did.

1. I downloaded a nifty program called YamiPod. You can find it here.
2. I ran the program on my Mac, with the iPod plugged in and iTunes closed. Actually, iTunes kept crashing so that second part was easy.
3. I opted to “restore” my iPod, which gave me a few ominous messages but did what it needed to do.
4. I unmounted and remounted my iPod and then opened iTunes. iTunes promptly did it’s thing and updated all the music on my iPod, bringing everything back to normal.

I see light once again!

“Get Up, Stand Up (Phunk Investigation Radio Edit)”, Stellar Project featuring Brandi Emma.

Now that I’m able to enjoy my tunes again I am able to blog in style! I’m finding myself reading more and more blogs these days and actually going beyond lurking and dropping comments all over the place. As I typed that last sentence I had visions of a pigeon in Central Park leaving his mark. Isn’t that lovely? It gives you insight to my self-esteem, comparing my thoughts to pigeon poop. Oh well. I’m really not that screwed up in the head.


“Relax”, Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

With this very hot, sticky weather here in Upstate N.Y. I am reminded of my club days when I was spinning tunes at the local bar. It’d be a hot Saturday night in July. The bar would be crowded with men and women, all drinking beer, pop or foofy drinks (it was a gay bar after all). The dance floor would be a sea of bare chested men, hairy bears and a smattering of drag queens marinated in some outrageous perfume, all punctuated by a few bare-chested lesbians. I’d keep the floor moving and the crowd pumped with tracks like “Relax”, “Brand New Lover”, “Let The Music Play”, “Point Of No Return” and other 80s and 90s dance tracks. Of course I’d compliment the mix with a “Stars On 45” jingle and then segue into some late 70s stuff. That was always a popular mix. Something like “Come To Me” by France Joli or “Searchin'” by Hazell Dean.

“Two To Make It Right”, Seduction.

Thinking about this stuff is getting me in the mood to go out and celebrate gay pride this year. Earl has mentioned a couple of local gay pride celebrations coming up. I think we might have to join in the festivities.

“Tell Me When”, The Human League.

How Not iFriendly.

So I was ready to settle in and write my latest witty blog dialog. Not that anyone reads what I write but I amuse myself easily.

I grabbed the iPod, plugged in the headphones and was ready to jam to the last batch of music I downloaded.

Except they’re not on my iPod.

Spin the wheel, spin the wheel, click, click, click.

There seems to be *nothing* on my iPod. Whenever I plug my iPod in to synchronize with iTunes, iTunes closes and wants me to send a crash report to Apple.


This is giving me flashbacks to Windows XP. Apple announced this week that they’re switching to Intel processors. We’re going to have Pentium Macs.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the dark ages.

My Apologies to Internet Explorer Users.

I was all proud of myself for tweaking my blog page last night and getting it just the way I wanted it to look. Unfortunately, due to Microsoft doing their own thing, it doesn’t render correctly in Internet Explorer. So my sidebar ends up at the bottom of the page, sans my smiling face. I don’t know if its been doing this for a long time or since I just made the changes last night.


Thank you for your patience, I hope to have it fixed soon. If you are currently using Internet Explorer and would like to see how this page (and the internet in general) *should* look, I highly recommend following my “Get Firefox” link to the right, er, below.

Addendum: If anyone can help me with the CSS problems I’m having with Internet Explorer, I’d really appreciate the help. Everything looks great in Mozilla based browsers, but IE is moving the floating sidebar to the bottom and I can’t figure out why!