June 16, 2005

Blog Buzz.

Earl and I just returned from a fabulous dinner with my dad and his girlfriend Karen and my sister Jennifer and her boyfriend David. I am a little buzzed from the three beers I had and am lying in bed. Wanna know what I’m wearing? You’ll have to IM me.

Dinner was great in many ways, mostly because it was a chance to get together with family, partly because the food was awesome and the restaurant (The Retreat in Liverpool, N.Y.) was wonderful and also because we ran into someone. Her name is Angela, and she was Jennifer’s nurse back when she was in the hospital last fall with Legionella, a close cousin of Legionnaire’s Disease. Angela was the nurse on duty the night Jennifer made a small turnaround towards recovery. Angela was the nurse who insisted on calling a specialist that was on vacation that week because Jennifer wasn’t responding to medication and the on-staff specialists were a bit stumped. Angela was the nurse that kept us informed. She’s the spittin’ image of Jodi Foster and has a heart of gold. I didn’t think she’d remember us. She did, and she and my sister had a nice conversation and exchanged hugs. It was nice to remember her kindness. I wish there were more people like her in the world.

So now I’m lying in bed and Tom has parallel parked himself along the PowerBook. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged with a buzz in bed, and he doesn’t seem to remember the golden rule.

“Thou shall not nudge thine PowerBook.”

Actually, he’s showing me his new trick, using the left hand speaker grille of my notebook as a scratching post. It sounds like claws on a chalkboard. I do remember the old adage, “Cats can not fly, even with a foot assist.” So I gently remind him, but he doesn’t care. He does what he pleases and that will be that. He’s much like his daddies.

Earl and I picked up the camper today after work. The dealer had us set it up and reviewed all the features and details of our camper as we set it up and took it down. I’m very excited about heading out camping. We’ll probably sleep in the camper this weekend in the driveway. Much like I did when I was a teenager. It’ll be fun.