I am so glad its Friday. I don’t know why I get so giddy about the weekend. It’s not like I don’t enjoy my job or anything. I actually look forward to going to work in the morning. But when the weekend roles around, I just get, well, giddy. There’s so much that I would like to accomplish on any given weekend. There’s so many places I’d like to go. There’s so many things I’d like to see.

Of course I end up not doing even half of it. Then it’s Monday and I’m looking forward to Friday again. It’s a vicious cycle.

Anyways, I took half a day of vacation today which was a nice way to kick off the weekend. Earl and I bought a futon for the music room, which was supposed to be delivered around 1:00 p.m. The nice furniture company called around 11:00 to let us know that the futon had broken in half (?) and we’d have to wait until Wednesday to have a new one delivered. Or we could take the one that broke in half for $25 off. I guess the discount was to cover the cost of the duct tape required to put it back together.

So Earl and I got the weekend starting by doing a double diner delight. Betty’s Diner for lunch (I had a “The Big Porker”) and then Anne Marie’s Family Diner for supper (I had turkey and gravy over white bread). I know, both were extremely healthy choices. I’m of the mindset of just not giving a flying fsck about what I eat. I walk two hours every morning, I’m planning on cycling again starting next week. So I look like a fat pig. At least I’m jolly.

Earl tolerated one of my road geek trips to check out the new signs in the Syracuse area. I know that all sounds dreadfully boring to most people, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

Now I’m listening to “Sirius Out Q” before calling it a night. Tomorrow night, its the obligatory trip to the movies to see Star Wars.