Today I took a bit of the afternoon off to get to know my Acura better. I made a couple of important discoveries.

  1. My new car is sweet. It has a confident feel on the road. It’s fast. I love it.
  2. There’s a fraternity among Jeep Wrangler drivers. You wave at each other. Among Acura RSX drivers, you race each other.
  3. I can still bang through all six like an 18-year old. I’m talking about the gears of course.
  4. My patience for other driver ignorance has dwindled considerably in 24 hours. Considering it was about zero to begin with, let’s just say that I’m discovering all new facets of ‘road irritability’.
  5. Every chipmunk, bird, duck and rock within a 1/2 mile radius of my position is trying to pound, poop on or get run over by my new car.
  6. The old rule of “If the driver wears a hat, they’re an idiot” still pretty much applies.
  7. Patching a chip in a windshield does not erase a mark completely. It leaves a perma-bug in your field of vision.
  8. 100 MPH while doing 69 is fun. (And of course I’m referring to NY Route 69 here in Upstate N.Y. you silly fools.