Snowy Saturdays.

The big topic on the news today has been the weather. Half the country is being socked by a snowstorm. The people of the City of New York are in a panic because it’s been in the single digits for the past day or two.

It was 18 degrees below zero when I started up the car yesterday morning for work.

I don’t mean to sound indifferent to the hysteria that seems to grip people when wintry weather arrives. The nerve of Mother Nature, blanketing us with snow! In January of all things!

Right on cue, drivers have abandoned all pretenses of following the traffic laws and common sense while on the roads. Turning right from the left lane and left from the right lane is o.k. during a snowstorm because after all, you can’t see the lines under the snow. There’s a nasty rumor that the lines on the road have heading south for the season, but I don’t believe a word of it.

Then we have the folks that purchased an SUV because it’s “safer” and “easier to drive” in the snow. I can’t think of anything more safe than a Hummer sitting in the ditch along Route 5 with the driver, dressed to the nines in her furs, waving down passerbys for assistance. Like my Impala is going to be able to pull her big Hummer out of the ditch. I waved back and resisted the urge to throw red paint on her furs as I passed her by. Perhaps the Hummer should have been left in Iraq where it belonged. And don’t get me started on the SUVs with handicapped plates. Somehow they can lift themselves up into their Escalade, but they can’t walk from the parking lot to the front door of the store.

Earl and I attended a beauty pageant scholarship program today. I was a judge, Earl ran the lights and sound. There were only 15 people in the audience and three contestants on stage. I guess beauty pageants scholarship programs don’t stop for inclement weather. On the way home, we stopped for a few groceries at a grocery store that rhymes with “Lice Hopper”. We noted that the management there is really swift. With everyone stocking up for the storm and jamming the checkout lanes, they sent most of the staff home on account of the weather. And Earl refuses to use the self serve checkouts because they don’t offer a discount for doing the task yourself. The waiting made me a bit frosty, I must admit.

And last but not least, I must give major kudos to our fine neighbor, who plowed out our driveway, simply as a nice gesture. It was must appreciated.

Keep warm!