January 22, 2005


All the house is in darkness, save for the dim glow of various electronic devices scattered about. The thermometer shows the outside temperature at 19 degrees below zero, and falling. As I look outside, the surrounding houses are in darkness as well, their inhabitants tucked away snug in their beds, undoubtably sleeping peacefully. Earl is upstairs, sleeping peacefully as well after a long week of hard work.

As I get ready to gather my thoughts, center myself and prepare to enter the dream world for the night, I take a moment to look outside. The sky is brilliantly clear. Stars are twinkling and shimmering to their heart’s delight. The moon is basking in all her illuminated glory, shining a cold, yet comforting light upon the backyard. No creatures are stirring in the woods behind, as they are probably snuggled up with one another, sharing the warmth of their companions.

It’s a beautifully clear night. What a peaceful way to end the work week and begin the weekend.