January 10, 2005

Back To Life, Back To Reality.

So I’m home enjoying a homemade lunch and blogging at the same time. I’m eating lunch during the noon hour. It’s a murky January day, overcast but not overly cold, in the mid 30s. Weather man says it could hit 55 degrees on Thursday, but I sometimes think they say these things just to make you feel good.

After my sprint through last week, being on call for work for the first time, life has settled back down to the normal routine. Earl is out of town on business, but only for a couple of days. Tom is happy that I cleaned his litter box. I’m feeling relatively well rested so life is good.

Normally at this time of year I fall into a holiday slump, where I’m depressed that the holidays are over and spring isn’t ready to peek out yet. I bitch about how bitter life is. Sunlight is at a premium. But I’m happy to say that I’m not feeling the holiday slump this year. Maybe its because my life choices have made a happier path for me to walk. I really don’t have a lot to be cranky about. Even though Earl and I just took down the Christmas Tree this past Saturday, I feel like the holiday season is long gone. Is it me or did the ringing in of the New Year seem rather anti-climatic this year? Perhaps it was because Regis dropped the ball instead of Dick Clark. He was so melancholy about the whole affair.

Tonight I’m going to plan out our February vacation to celebrate Earl’s birthday. We’ve bagged the Las Vegas idea. We’re going to be kids again. We’re going to remember the magic at DisneyWorld. I can’t wait.