January 1, 2005

And It’s A Wrap.

The time has come to wrap up 2004 and leap on in to 2005. While I do like to ramble on about fond memories, I’m not going to bore everyone with a “The Best of J.P. for 2004” type blog entry. Life is too short to just focus on 1/36th of my life.

Earl and I spent the day on a little road trip. I bought some clothes at Bon Ton courtesy of a gift certificate from my father, then we trekked on down to WestFarms Mall outside of Hartford, Connecticut for a nice dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, some shopping at the Apple store and some eye candy appreciation.

With the temps hovering around 55 degrees today, I was tempted to open the sunroof and enjoy the sunshine, after all that’s what we always do on New Year’s Eve in Upstate N.Y., right? I was content to just enjoy the day off with my lover. I did something I haven’t done in a very, very long time. I called into the “Derek and Romaine” show on Sirius Out Q 149. Yes, I was Average Joe listener trying to win a trivia contest. The question? “Name who was stranded on Gilligan’s Island.” I was waiting for my chance to sing the theme song, but no, some lame ass rattled them off out of order. Oh well, maybe next time. It was a nice change of pace to not be exempt from winning a radio contest because of my career choice for a change.

Now we’re going to watch the ball drop, exchange some private moments and call it a night.