Beginning of the Second.

Earl and I have talked about this day for a long, long time. Today we were going to be sailing on a cruise ship to Alaska, jumping off the nearest glacier and roam with the wildlife for a little bit. Afterwards, we would leave the cruise ship behind, jump into a Jeep and trek up the Dalton Highway, 414 miles northward to Deadhorse, Alaska, where we’d do a polar bear cannonball into the Arctic Ocean, dry off, warm up, spend the night and head back south.

That was how we were going to spend the tenth anniversary of our commitment ceremony. Today is the day. Earl and I are eligible for a Duran Duran CD, for we have been as married as NYS law will allow for a decade.

We didn’t do as we had dreamed. We always talk big, but we went the simple route today. We shopped in Syracuse, I growled at a few people talking on their cell phone and we amused ourselves by watcing a young couple TURN OFF THE ESCALATOR so that they could transport their empty baby buggy down it. We had dinner at Smokey Bones.

We kept it simple, we kept it sweet and we liked it that way.