Durant, Oklahoma.

Today I drove from Liberty, Missouri to Durant, Oklahoma. I jumped off Interstate 35 at the very first opportunity, as I did not want today to be an “all interstate” day again. It’s not my jam. I ended up driving US Highway 75 for a considerable stretch. I passed through Independence, Kansas, which was one of my target locations on last year’s chase. I also drove through Tulsa. We’ll leave that at that.

Actually, after driving through Omaha and Des Moines yesterday, and then Tulsa today, I’m finding as I get older I’m really preferring the small town vibe that I grew up with versus the bit of hustle and bustle found in today’s U.S. cities.

Storms were moving through these parts in the early afternoon and I knew I had no chance of catching them, so I took my time getting down here and enjoyed the drive. There are more storms forecasted for the overnight. It’s my plan to enjoy them from the comfort of my hotel room.

For supper I drove across the state line to Sherman, Texas, where I tried some local brews at Cellarman’s Pub and Brewery. I don’t know the name of the bartender, but he was kind and talked beer with me. I continued my tradition of a side of local chili with my meal and it was very good.

I had a sample of the Banana Pudding Ale shown on the menu but it wasn’t really my thing. It was good, but I found it too sweet for the moment.

The National Weather Service is predicting a round of storms to go through the area tonight and then I’ll head to the northwest tomorrow to hit the next expected severe storm area.