May 2, 2024


Album cover of ESCM by BT

It’s hard to believe this album is nearly 30 years old. Released in 1997, “ESCM” by BT is one of the most inspirational feats of music I have ever enjoyed. ESCM stands for Electric Sky Church Music.

The album was first sent to me when I was working in radio. The CD was included in a pack from the record company. They weren’t really pushing it hard, as I don’t think they knew what they wanted to do with the album. Was BT a pop artist? Trance? A new genre not yet explored? I don’t think Warner Brothers knew what they had in BT and his next album moved to one of the EMI labels. When I asked the record rep about “Remember”, one of the singles released from “ESCM”, they told me it wasn’t a priority.

BT (Brian Transeau) is a musical genius of the times. His combination of this genius with technology has produced impressive results for three decades. He’s been doing amazing things with music and computers when Apple and Microsoft were still figuring out where they were going.

If I’m remembering correctly, the CD single for “Remember” had a Quicktime file on it featuring the official music video.

I needed some inspiration today. I’m listening to “ESCM” as I write this blog entry and get through the workday. This quote from BT’s webpage has given me the kick I need.

I am a man who believes that sound can change lives, perform miracles, and bend the human condition towards good,. This belief has kept me getting out of bed every day for the last 20+ years.

– B.T.

Here’s the track listing of the U.S. edition of the album (from Wikipedia).

1.“Firewater” (with T.H. Culhane)8:42
2.“Orbitus Teranium”8:10
3.“Flaming June”8:31
4.“Lullaby for Gaia” (with Jan Johnston)5:26
5.“Memories in a Sea of Forgetfulness” (with T.H. Culhane)7:40
6.“Solar Plexus”4:14
8.“Remember” (with Jan Johnston)8:01
9.“Love, Peace and Grease (BT Puma Fila Edit)”3:52

Best enjoyed on a solid pair of noise canceling headphones.