May 20, 2024

Colby, Kansas.

I’m back in Colby, Kansas. Tomorrow’s forecast includes wild weather from Omaha, Nebraska, across Iowa, and well into Wisconsin and Illinois. I’ve set a personal maximum of Des Moines, Iowa. I shall not go further east than Des Moines.

Today I drove from Wichita, Kansas to Brush, Colorado. There were a BUNCH of storm chasers in Northeast Colorado, and this storm had the graciousness of allowing me to get set up and in position to record events.

I ended up chasing the storm along some dirt county roads near Brush, and spotted a small little funnel along the way.

I have plenty of video to put together from the day’s activities, including some nice lightning shots. When I get home on Monday I’m going to be very busy in the video editing bay. I’m concerned about running out of storage space on my external hard drive.

As mentioned earlier, I’m in Colby, Kansas tonight. I was planning on heading toward Omaha via Interstate 80. But most of the hotel options were booked, probably by other storm chasers, for a reasonable distance for tonight, so I opted to get back down to I-70 and grab a hotel along that corridor. There were several vans of storm chasing tours doing the same thing; they stopped in Goodland, Kansas. I went a little further and opted for Colby.